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Sheila Chandra Discography


Monsoon 'Third Eye' (1983 Phonogram)

"Still one of the great experiments in East-West pop culture"

All Music

Now reissued in a deluxe 2CD package with extras galore on Cherry Red 25th November 2022

'Out On My Own' (1984 Indipop)

“…she continues to explore her ideas on marrying oriental and occidental pop styles. The result is interesting, light… and very easy to listen to.”

Music Week

'Quiet' (1984 Indipop)

“If you think recording a 10 track album devoid of lyrics is a foolish move for an aspiring singer to make, Sheila Chandra would seek to prove you wrong…”

Melody Maker

'The Struggle' (1985 Indipop)

“..It's an ambitious fusion of Western pop and Indian/Asian music.”

All Music

'Nada Brahma' (1985 Indipop)

“Almost impossible to describe in print, her music seems one of the most beautiful and natural, modern mixes of East and West that I’ve ever come across.”

Folk Roots

'Roots and Wings' (1990 Indipop)

“For anyone thirsting for a musical trip beyond imagination.”

Sunday Republican

'Weaving My Ancestors Voices' (1992 Real World)

“With references thousands of years old ‘Weaving…’ is dazzlingly innovative and a glorious testament to vocal tradition.”


'The Zen Kiss' (1994 Real World)

“And when she lets fly with a song, empires crumble and footballers’ bones shatter forever…the result is an all-encompassing world music, devoid of boundaries, an inspirationally human in form… An extraordinary album.”

Time Out (London)

'AboneCroneDrone' (1996 Real World)

“I wish I’d thought of this…”

Peter Gabriel

'Moonsung' (1999 Real World)

“This [Real World ‘best of’ compilation] is a brave work…Sometimes introspective, sometimes uplifting, occasionally sad, Chandra’s voice seems to effortlessly blend sounds reminiscent of the call to prayer on a misty morning in Istanbul with Gaelic or Celtic traditional music and Gregorian chants. It works.”


'This Sentence Is True' (2001 Indipop/Narada)

“One of the most innovative provocative singers in any genre… ‘This Sentence is True’ finds Chandra challenging listeners with a recording that pushes the limits of the vocally possible in art.”


One-Off Projects

The Imagined Village Album Cover Thumbnail

Imagined Village

‘Welcome Sailor’
‘'Ouses, 'Ouses, 'Ouses’

2007/Real World
Lord Of The Rings The Two Towers Album Covers

Lord Of The Rings
'The Two Towers'

‘‘Breath of Life”

Jakatta So Lonely Album Cover Thumbnail


‘‘So Lonely”

2002/Rulin' Records/
Ministry of Sound
Gifted Album Cover Thumbnail

(US Albums Only)

‘‘Song to the Siren’
‘Ever So Lonely/Eyes/Ocean’

2001/Real World
Ancient Beatbox Album Cover Thumbnail

Ancient Beatbox


1990/Cooking Vinyl
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