Coaching for Creative People

with Sheila Chandra

The pandemic has provided valuable breathing time for naturally creative people and artists to revisit their vision. If you haven’t taken advantage of this season of challenge and gestation, now’s the time to do it.

Are you someone with creative tendencies who’s never had your creativity nurtured? Or an artist that has lost their way? As a specialist artist coach I can help you overcome your emotional and creative blocks, crystalise your direction, find your audience and get to the next level.

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Why Creative Career Coaching?

Are you working in the arts and unable to get the creative career advice that you need from peers? Or maybe you never really got started because you never had enough support and struggle with self belief. Tired of trying to work everything out alone? Do you feel stuck?

Maybe you’re doing well, but feel stumped as to how to get to the next level. And how much is being stymied costing you, emotionally and financially?

When you have a creative career, there’s no ‘one path’ to the top. And the journey can be confusing and full of pitfalls…. What if there was a more efficient way?

Consult a Guide Who Knows the Terrain

Confidential guidance – from someone who’s been there, understands, and who’s coached others to major success − can help you get past those block and pitfalls, helping you reach your true creative and commercial potential. Creative career coaching means that together we can:
  • free up your creative process
  • deal with your blocks and fears
  • clarify your goals and career aspirations
  • find strategies and resources to get you to them
  • make the attitude and culture changes you need in order to stop sabotaging your progress.
In addition, as someone who’s had an international career as both a musician and an author, I know many of the specific tips and tricks creative people need to foster a healthy professional creative career over the long term.

Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation to find out if I’m the right creative career coach for you.

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