Why Coach with Sheila?

Sheila Chandra is the ground-breaking World Music artist bestselling author and creative career coach who mentored street artist Stik from homelessness to international acclaim in just five years.
Her latest book ‘Organizing Your Creative Career’ (Watkins 2017 & new revised edition 2020) is a Foyles bestseller − and the one of the few guides to setting up the essential infrastructure that creative people need to thrive in a professional career, that currently exists.

What are the benefits of using a coach?

People in creative careers often find it hard to access good advice and information from their peers – and end up spending their most precious years ‘reinventing the wheel’. Quite often they leave college with an arts degree or diploma that hasn’t educated them for the real world, or the business of setting up a successful career that will support them financially. In other cases, they may come from a non-arts background and simply lack knowledge about work culture in the arts or a well-informed network of people to consult.
You’ll benefit from working with a creative career coach when you’re feeling stuck, and are tired of trying to solve your problems yourself. Or when things are going well, but you want to get to the next level. It’s a confidential setting in which you can discuss your fears, weaknesses and get a sympathetic and objective view on how to move forward. I can help with your creative process, lifestyle, personal, career strategy and motivation issues. If you don’t yet have a manager, this can be invaluable. And I can also help with areas of concern that your manager can’t.

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I understand your challenges

I’ve worked in the arts as a singer, songwriter, workshop leader, publisher, and then an author, for 35 years at an international level.
I began my career as the lead singer of ‘Monsoon’, and while only 16 scored a top ten hit around the world with ‘Ever So Lonely’. I subsequently released a further 10 solo albums including four with Peter Gabriel’s ‘Real World’ label, toured the world with WOMAD and appeared on such programmes as ‘Later’ and Top of the Pops’. Some of my other credits include a further top ten hit with ‘Jakatta’, writing a music series for BBC Radio 2, recording and touring with ‘Imagined Village’ and singing on the second ‘Lord of the Rings’ soundtrack‘The Two Towers’. My first book ‘Banish Clutter Forever’ (Vermillion 2010) became a bestseller and my second ‘Organizing Your Creative Career’ topped the Foyles non-fiction chart.

I’ve been creative career coaching and mentoring
for more than 15 years

I’ve mentored and coached artists, both in group settings and one-to-one – helping musicians, singers, authors and visual artists to break into new levels in their careers. As someone who works in the arts, I understand many of the issues that you’ll face and can help you to find effective solutions.

What I love most, is to empower others

I offer a confidential and non-judgemental space where we can employ fresh thinking to create the positive changes you want. Together we can find answers to your blocks with:
  • the creative process
  • creative career lifestyle issues
  • motivation
  • career strategy
I work via Skype video call and email, at a pace to suit you − which means you can work with me from anywhere in the world.

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