When Should I Consult You?

I’m often asked ‘When is a good time to work with a creative career coach?’ The short answer is, anytime you feel you need help with your creative process or your level of success. But here are some common instances when you may want to consult me.
  • I’ve just graduated from my creative course… Help! What now?
  • I’m getting nowhere. I need a mid-career rocket.
  • I’m blocked! I need a flourishing creative flow.
  • I have so many talents and no central identity/brand. Who am I?
  • I’m lost. I need help to birth my non-fiction book.
  • I’m dreading writing my book proposal.


Providing a price list up front enables my clients to plan accordingly. I also offer a discount on packages simply because they’re committing to and purchasing a certain number of sessions in advance.

If you’re considering coaching with me…

You may purchase any combination of single sessions of varying lengths and packages. However, it’s important to note that a package is just a convenient number – not an indication that our work will be finished at the end of a certain number of sessions. You’re an individual, and the work we do together will be completely tailored to you. Therefore it’s impossible to say up front how many sessions you will need or would find useful.
Clients often come to me saying ‘Will my problem be fixed at the end of four sessions?’ No one can answer that. A more useful question to ask yourself is ‘Do I feel these sessions are providing a valuable process that’s moving me closer to my goals?’ And I notice that the clients who work in a more long term way with me tend to be the ones that see the biggest and most important changes.

More haste, less speed

Clients come to me at different states of readiness, and process the deeper emotional work that underlies their creative career work at different rates. I know you’ll want me to work with you at your own pace, rather than pushing you to work faster.
Similarly, you need to have patience with yourself. Because often, if there’s an underlying emotional issue, or issue around personal routine and organization, no amount of business strategy will work. Instead, when we are patient, and work gently and powerfully on what is going on for you – often there is a ‘sea change’ that will empower and inform every strategy you employ afterwards. Of course, if working on the practical stuff is appropriate, we’ll leap straight into that!


Initial consultation: 30 mins



1 hour

£160 – 40%


90 minutes

£220 – 40%


Reasonable support between sessions




Silver package

(4 x 60 minute sessions)

£600 – 40%


Gold package

(6 x 60 minute sessions)

£960 – 40%


Platinum package

(12 x 60 minute sessions)

£1800 – 40%



By PayPal or BACS (bank transfer). Many clients outside the UK find PayPal much easier to use. Please note that full payment needs to arrive 24 hours prior to the beginning of a package/session. Please note that all prices above are in British Pounds/Sterling.


For those of you who would like coaching but are finding it hard to pay, I will post funding opportunities which support coaching here as and when I find them.

Contact me today for a 30 minute free consultation
to see if I’m the creative career coach for you.

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