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World Music Pioneer

I’m Sheila Chandra, World Music pioneer and lead singer of Monsoon’s ‘Ever So Lonely’. I no longer give concerts or record due to voice issues. In the noughties, I found my second ‘voice’ as an author and creative career coach, and love to encourage other artists. If you’d like to know more about my music career, please read my music biography and discography. For more about music usage and permissions, please scroll down. Or try my blog and newsletter for some creative inspiration!

Music Biography

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Synchronization and master use licences, samples, YouTube, Soundcloud and other music usage permissions

I’m the first port of call for all music usages – as legally, you’ll need my approval first. If all is well, I can then pass you to the correct contact person so that you can negotiate terms and obtain licences. Please head over to my Contact page to get in touch, with full details of your project. Thanks!
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