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Sheila Chandra

Stunning review of the trilogy in World Music Report

Canadian based poet, musician and critic Raul De Gama has reviewed my recently reissued 1990s Real World trilogy (consisting of ‘Weaving My Ancestors’ Voices’, ‘The Zen Kiss’, and ‘ABoneCroneDrone’) in World Music Report. His depth of insight, garnered from all his fields of expertise really shows – and it’s a beautifully written review.

It begins:

“Even if Sheila Chandra never sings another note again [and she probably never will], she has certainly achieved artistic supremacy, the like of which lesser mortals can only aspire to, in the vocal realm based solely on three recordings she made in the 1990s. The trilogy began with Weaving My Ancestors’ Voices [1992], The Zen Kiss [1994] and ABoneCroneDrone [1996] – all released on the REALWORLD imprint founded by Peter Gabriel. Miss Chandra is a once-in-a-generation [perhaps even in a lifetime] kind of vocalist.”

Read the rest here.


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