Cover of new companion listening digital only album 'Out in the Real World'
Sheila Chandra

Sheila Chandra

‘Out in the Real World’ due out 18th August

Digital-only companion listening to the recent re-issues of Chandra’s three albums for Real World Records

Out in the Real World, is a digital-only release set for 18th August 2023. A collection of remixes, demo recordings and outlier tracks, many previously unreleased, taken from the era when Sheila Chandra was recording for Real World Records. The compilation is designed to act as a companion listening experience to the recently re-issued trilogy of albums, Weaving My Ancestors’ Voices, The Zen Kiss and ABoneCroneDrone.

A number of tracks from the album are will be out in the next few weeks culminating in the release of the whole album on 18th August 2023.

The first track – the Stephen Hague remix of ‘Ever So Lonely/Eyes/Ocean’ – is out today. Though this track appeared on the compilation album ‘Gifted: Women of the World’ this is the first time it’s been available digitally. Find it on Amazon Music or Spotify.

A number of other tracks in the collection are also previously unreleased, such as the Apophysia remix of Every So Lonely/Eyes/Ocean …“one of the few remixes that has ever been sent to me that I enjoyed, as it’s catchy – something the pop addicted teenager in me appreciates”, The Power of Prayer, a track recorded with Rupert Hine during the Real World Recording Week of 1991, “an ‘off the desk/on the day’ version which became the inspiration for Kafi Noir on The Zen Kiss ” and a demo version of Ocean, “a layered voices alternative version of one of the songs from the Ever So Lonely/Eyes/Ocean medley on Weaving My Ancestors’ Voices which didn’t fit on a solo voice album”

Track list:

Ever So Lonely/Eyes/Ocean (Apophysia Remix)
Song to the Siren
Ever So Lonely/Eyes/Ocean (Stephen Hague Remix)
Angel Tech (by The Grid, feat. Sheila Chandra)

The Power of Prayer (off the desk version)
Ocean (Demo remix)
Lagan Love

On 16th June 2023, Real World Records re-issued Chandra’s three albums for the label, with newly designed artwork, new sleeve notes and coloured vinyl for the LPs.            

1992’s Weaving My Ancestors’ Voices cements Sheila Chandra as one of the most accomplished musicians and writers of her generation. On this exquisite album, which celebrates the ultimate instrument – the voice – she explores the territories of her spiritual ancestors by flawlessly intertwining vocal traditions from around the world.

The Zen Kiss which was recorded in 1994, seamlessly interweaves strands of traditional English folk, Iberian and Celtic song, Gregorian chant, and yearning laments. These time-honoured vocal techniques are then wrapped in the most cutting-edge studio techniques – especially on the machine-gun-fire, vocal percussion Speaking in Tongues showstoppers.

ABoneCroneDrone recorded in 1996, Chandra’s most radically experimental solo voice work and the closing chapter of her trilogy of albums for Real World.  The six tracks are a window on Chandra’s innermost creative world – an unexpectedly original examination of the usually taken-for-granted but essential element of Indian tradition, the drone itself.


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