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New Year – A home that nurtures you

What 2020 taught us about our homes

It’s been a long year – one where many of us spent much more time in our homes than we usually do. And it taught us about how much we were putting up with in them. Many of us have used our homes as a place to sleep between hectic jobs, commuting and a busy social life, especially in the capital. But over lockdown that had to change.

The value of a well ordered home became paramount

Suddenly we had to work from home, socialise at home, spend time with our families or even home school. The limitations of small, dark or badly set up spaces started to show. And although not all of us could afford to consider moving to the country, or extending our spaces (both options that are going to be highly popular once the pandemic is properly over) we did notice when our spaces were cluttered, lacked flow and failed to nurture us.

I’ve been talking about the importance of home for years…

It’s not because I think your home should take a lot of time to maintain so that it looks ‘perfect’. Or even because I think home is important. No it’s because I think home should liberate you to live the way you want to live, and do the important things. Like maintaining your health, your emotional wellbeing, and achieving your professional goals.

A well organised home should help you do these things effortlessly

A well organised home can virtually tidy itself. It can invite you to rest on a Sunday, and work on a Monday, and work out on a Tuesday. The secret is setting the scene for all these things – places where your body simply wants to inhabit the space in which it can do its tasks – from packing a lunch, to doing some Pilates.

If you’d like a home that does this, consider investing in some home organizing coaching with me. Contact me to find out more…


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