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How to make sure your car stays tidy

Your car is a microcosm of your tidy habits

Cars are prime candidates for the kind of messiness that many of us would never put up with in our living rooms. Establishing a few good habits here will keep your car clear most of the time, encouraging you to clean the inside regularly, and to enjoy being in it more.

Rule one for being tidy in your car

Firstly, if you can, make it a rule not to eat in your car. Get out if possible, to eat that sandwich, and you’ll be getting some air at the same time. Try to encourage your children not to either, and you’ll nip half your rubbish problems in the bud as well. In a lifespan of 9 years, the average family car is estimated to accumulate 4kg of food debris. Yuck! I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to sit in all that decaying food whilst I’m on my way somewhere. If you do eat in your car, then leave some anti-bacterial hand wipes in it, to wipe sticky fingers afterwards, and finish off by just wiping down the steering wheel and gear lever whilst your there. That way, at least you’ll get some sort of good knock on effect.

Rule two for being tidy in your car

Remove as much as you can and everything that’s non-essential from your car. Clear out the boot, and get rid of all that stuff that’s stowing away with you, unless you really need it for most journeys. Doing this will save you about 10% in petrol overall, and it’s worth it for that alone, but there is another good knock on effect. If your car is generally clear and tidy, then when you do accumulate debris, such as wrapping and old parking tickets, you’ll see it much more easily.

Rule three for being tidy in your car

And then it will be easier to implement my third tip, which is to make a point of carrying your rubbish with you when you take your shopping or coat or bag out of the car when you get home. If your wheelie bin is on your drive then it’s easy to drop the rubbish straight into it on your way to your front door. That way it never builds up, and you get the good visual reinforcement of a tidy car every time you get in it.

Keep good habits going for being tidy in your car

Don’t forget to replace maps in their seat pockets, and replenish things like de-icer and water. That way you’ll always feel ready to go.

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