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Do you know someone who needs artist coaching?

Sometimes an artist needs someone around them to nudge them in the right direction. Do you know someone who could do with refining their approach? Here are some signs an artist you know could do with some expert help….

Sign #1 that someone you know needs artist coaching…

They’re always talking about how important creative outlets are for them but they hardly ever get down to artistic work or practice. This can be a block deep in the subconscious about how important their artist expression is, or a simple need to reprioritise. Working with a specialist artist coach whose seen it all, can help them unlock their creative potential.

Sign #2 that someone you know needs artist coaching…

They’re prolific but are afraid to do anything with what they produce. So maybe you go round and marvel at their new song, or a painting, or sculpture, but equally marvel that they never ‘put themselves out there’? This can result from a fear of being judged, or just a lack of knowledge about how to start. Or an insecurity that stems from having no one to advise when they (inevitably) run into snags. A coach can help with all these things.

Sign #3 that someone you know needs artist coaching…

Maybe you’re a manager and one of your clients is really inspiring, but always late! Or never prepared? Or shy about opportunities? Or conflicted about the commercial aspects of their career? These are deep seated attitudes that need to be worked through with someone who understands and has faced the same issues; someone who knows the industry too. A safe space to discuss conflicts without fear of colleagues hearing about it, is essential to these creatives.

Sign #4 that someone you know needs artist coaching…

Maybe your artist friend or client is making a living but stuck at the same career level and frustrated. Do they need some fresh thinking or perspective? Strategies to take them to the next level? Quite often lack of progress is also rooted in an internal conflict about what the next level of success will bring. An artist coach can work on both levels.

Sign #5 that someone you know needs artist coaching…

This person is often introverted, humble and shy. They would never call themselves an artist, yet you can see the artistry bursting out of them. Most artists need some form of nurture and recognition to be ‘born’. A supportive friend and/or an artist coach can really help these shy ones to realise their potential.

Sign #6 that someone you know needs artist coaching…

Maybe you’re an artist yourself, your friend or colleague is struggling and you know they could do with some serious help? It can be hard to suggest it, but if they trust you, or agree that they need to change their approach, doing so in the safe confidential setting of sessions with an artist coach might be just the relief they need!

In 2008 I began to mentor Stik, who was homeless and painting in the streets. He has gone on to become one of the most collectable and famous street artists in the world. He also wrote the foreword to my 2020 bookOrganizing Your Creative Career’.

If you manage artists, or are a friend to someone who needs help with their creativity why not suggest they e-meet me? I offer a free 30 minute consultation via Skype to help people decide whether I’m the right coach for them – and some clarity on their situation. Or maybe gift them a session or two for Christmas! Contact me for further details or subscribe to the newsletter for more tips.


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