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Do you dare to dream big?

Do you allow yourself to dream big? Dare to step up to the next level by finding the courage to go for it!

Dreams are powerful

When we dream we’re not held back by all the usual constraints of reality. Obstacles move out the way and there seem to be no restrictions. It’s a dream, after all. This is a powerful place to be in where there are truly no limits. You’re completely guided by your feelings and desires as your subconscious presents you with wild and exciting scenarios. Of course, you’ll have to deal with reality at one moment. But, being in this dreaming state shakes up your perception of what you’re capable of.

Repressing dreams only makes them stronger

You can’t repress a dream that feels incredibly powerful. You might push it down and talk yourself out of it. The exciting and thrilling feelings will only surface again and again. In fact, it’s likely that they’ll be stronger the next time. Especially if it’s a big dream that part of you believes is possible to achieve. Nurture this self-belief and let your excitement grow. Build up your energy and enthusiasm because it will help motivate you to go for your big dream.

The freedom in daring to dream big

Do you remember when you last had bonus time in your schedule? Maybe you unexpectedly had an hour free and wondered what to do? Your mind quickly invented different scenarios of how to spend the bonus time. Did you feel a sense of limitless possibility and choice? Day dreams contain this kind of energy in a concentrated way where there is freedom, choice and creativity. This is the kind of freedom that exists when you dare to dream big.

Big dreams show you where you need to go next

When someone says “I hope I achieve success as a painter because I’ve put all my life’s work into it. I don’t know what I’ll do if this dream doesn’t work out.” It’s not really a dream anymore. It’s an expectation they’ve placed heavily on their shoulders. When your dreams are conditional, it feels restrictive because you’re coming from a desperate place. Like a gambler who has bet his last dollar. Daring to dream big isn’t about taking big risks without a back-up plan. It’s about an exciting vision that maintains the wow factor for you. You might take risks, but they can be backed up with solid plans so that they won’t leave you in a vulnerable and lonely place if that big dream doesn’t work out.

What if I fail?

We’ve all experienced that “what if” feeling when we’ve held ourselves back from doing something. Daring to dream big takes courage. If it doesn’t work out, you should have no regrets. You gave it your best shot. Whether you achieve the big dream or not is almost irrelevant. You’ll learn so much. You’ll grow and clear the space for more big dreams to come into your life. There is no shame in going for your dreams. So dare to dream big today!

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