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When it comes to clutter, I am lazy…

Yes, I really am incredibly lazy, and I begrudge every moment I spend tidying up because I’ve got far better things to do. But I also hate trying to live and work in a disorganised or untidy space, so I make sure that my home is tidy most of the time. That may sound like an impossible feat but it’s actually very easy.

Why being lazy about clutter is actually a good thing!

When you’re as lazy as I am, you just can’t be bothered to wade through chaos to find your diary, or to make dinner. And you can’t be bothered to spend a second longer cleaning than you need to. You want your space to be as easy to use as possible. But how do you make it stay that way if you hate tidying up? Knowing you’re lazy forces you to develop a good system – that’s the one I’ve been sharing with my friends and now through clutter coaching, for years…

Actually it’s a myth that you need to tidy up much – you can be lazy and tidy!

If your home is really well organised, tidying up everyday isn’t really needed. Needing to tidy up is either a sign that you’re tired or ill and so haven’t put things back, or that you need some visual clutter to act as a creative stimulus, or that your things weren’t well organised in the first place. It’s also a myth that people with tidy houses are energetic, time rich or virtuous and spend ages making sure their homes stay that way. Some of them are probably as lazy as I am!

What is your clutter trying to tell you?

So pay attention to your clutter and ask yourself what it’s trying to tell you about your state of mind. Are you tired? Are you in the middle of a creative project? Or is it a permanent tide that floods your home which you can’t hold back? There is a way to arrange every item you own so that it tends to gravitate back to its proper place without very much effort or conscious thought on your part.

If you need help with keeping your home clutter free maybe you’d benefit from some clutter coaching? I help clients all over the world via Skype. Contact me to find out more…


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