Sheila Chandra - How To Live Like An Artist Book Cover

How To Live Like An Artist

A gift from the author, and FREE to download during COVID – 19 lockdown. Artist lifestyle lessons to help you thrive in life, and self-isolation/shelter-in-place.

  • Discover your inner self-direction when making your own schedule
  • Understand and master the secret of great presence and charisma
  • Find the secret to being ‘cool’, and how to tap into the zeitgeist
  • Feed your soul and find meaning in the way you spend your time.

How to Live Like an Artist

Most of us admire artists of all kinds – and with that admiration often comes the desire to be more like them, and to cultivate the special qualities that they display. We wish that we too were charismatic, ‘cool’, sexy or capable of tapping into the zeitgeist and living with passion.
Undoubtedly, spending a few decades living like a professional artist helps people gain many of the special qualities that our most revered creators have. But most of us never have that luxury. And there has been nowhere to go to learn the wisdom that accrues from living an artist life….
But now there’s a book full of artist lifestyle secrets to be your guide. You’ll learn to:
  • foster a more commanding presence
  • be more disciplined effortlessly
  • find more joy in the way you work and play
  • nurture that peaceful flow you’ve always suspected artists experience.
‘How to Live Like an Artist’ allows you to bypass decades of effort and learning to gain the secrets of creative people you admire, all in one go. Although deceptively simple, this down-to-earth, user-friendly guide has the power to transform your way of living. Its series of seven simple habits will produce a sea-change of approach, enabling you to live more creatively, more passionately and more serenely – while enhancing your life on a permanent basis.
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