4th March 2010 sees the launch of Sheila Chandra's first book
Feb 28, 2010
When was the last time you lost your toothbrush?

No matter how chaotic the rest of their lives, Sheila Chandra noticed that
even the most disorganised people always know where to find their
toothbrush. Based on this realisation she put together a simple yet
inspired system for quickly de-cluttering your life and restoring order
permanently - The Toothbrush Principle.

Banish Clutter Forever explains Sheila's effective, fool-proof strategy.
Providing a room-by-room blueprint for storing all your possessions, it will
show you how to clear out your clutter in a way that ensures it never
returns. With tried-and-tested strategies, it demonstrates how to:

  • Organise according to the unconscious 'blueprint' which naturally tidy
  • people have, so that staying tidy all the time is easy
  • Know what to throw away with confidence
  • Maintain a clean desk effortlessly all the time
  • Work from home productively in a clear, designated space
  • Tame your email inbox
  • Sort your wardrobe so you can always find the perfect outfit

Like crash diets, tidying blitzes don't last the long term. Instead Banish
Clutter Forever shows you a method that enables you to keep your space
organised effortlessly on an ongoing basis. Starting with a practice tidy
on the easiest room in the house - the bathroom - it will provide techniques
that will ensure massive clear outs become a thing of the past and you never
need to spend more than 10 minutes a day tidying up, if you have to tidy up
at all..

Practical, easy-to-follow and effective, Banish Clutter Forever will
revolutionise even the messiest, most disordered lives.

Banish Clutter Forever
How the Toothbrush Principle Will Change Your Life

Sheila Chandra

Published by Vermilion on 4th March 2010, £7.99 paperback



Feb 28, 2010
Sheila Chandra has been a successful singer and songwriter for 28 years with 10 albums to her credit. As someone who has always managed herself, run her own music publishing and production companies and overseen all the various aspects of her career without an assistant, and with heavy workload and a constantly changing schedule, Sheila suffered serious clutter problems firsthand, and she became faced with the challenges of trying to function effectively in a disorganized environment. Because her livelihood depended on it she developed the simplest and quickest system possible for dealing with her own disordered ways. Subsequently she has helped many others by passing on her system. She even has a fool-proof system for dealing with the modern curse of email. She's set out her secret blueprint for living in a clutter free home and office effortlessly in this book, and believes anyone can use it to live clutter free, no matter how bad their clutter problems are.