Get to know Sheila Chandra's career in 3 minutes or less







"Quiet!" was Sheila’s second solo album for Indipop. Released also in 1984, "Quiet!" has no lyrics, no drumbeats, and featured Sheila’s layered and interwoven vocals and cyclic riffs. The album marked Sheila’s writing debut. She was on a roll!

"The Struggle" and "Nada Brahma" were released in 1985. By the end of that year, Sheila was exhausted and decided to take a sabbatical (which was to last four years). Steve once again mothballed the label, sold the studio set-up and left MNW to keep pressing up the catalogue. It was time for a break…

Sheila’s fifth (and last) album for Indipop, "Roots and Wings", was released in 1989 via MNW Records. It was a brave and beautiful album.

However, it failed to reach its audience. Indipop released two more compilASIAN albums via MNW during this time, but Sheila was already looking to new horizons for her next project — beyond Indipop’s defiantly small-scale approach.

Her Real World trilogy of solo voice and drone albums (and accompanying live work) dominated Sheila’s 1990s output. Both Sheila (and Steve) threw themselves into this new and exciting musical evolutionary leap and once again Indipop was put on the shelf — in a kind of glowing stasis — its’ values and approach to making music by now an eccentric anachronism.

Post Script: It’s late 1999. Indipop has once again been called to the rescue. The mission? To help Sheila out of her solo voice and drone box. It has resorted to using those sharp blades — EEP1 and EEP2. So far no injuries have been reported.