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UK Chart placings

'Ever So Lonely'


No 9

April 1982





No 39

June 1982


'So Lonely'


No 8

Feb 2002

Rulin' Records/ Ministry of Sound

Awards and Nominations

Absolutely none!

Shortcut Recommended Listening List

'Moonsung' A Real World Retrospective Real World 1999
The Indipop Retrospective Indipop/Narada 2003


These two together cover all of Sheila's solo career

Description of Music

Asian influenced World Fusion. Strongly melodic, ornate vocal, often lyricless starting in pop and moving album by album to more lateral cutting edge soundscapes. As an artist has ignored trends, (most albums at the time of release had no contemporary comparison) and has tried instead to define the boundaries of world music and her own voice. Highly distinctive vocal approach. A pioneer.

Career Path

Has been working in this genre exclusively for 2 decades. Was the only full-time artist in Asian Fusion in the 80's. A self-taught musician and writer. Made her writing debut in 1984 on her second solo album 'Quiet'. Apart from her start with 'Monsoon' (signed to Phonogram) has worked with independents or small labels in order to retain artistic freedom. Has not generally favoured remixes (a few illicit ones have slipped through) and has never released a single as a solo artist. Manages herself. Only played live for 2 years in the early 90's, but has recently returned to live performances. In 2001 'Billboard' stated that 'In the past five years a new round of second generation British Asian Musicians have emerged · all owe a debt to this 36 year old singer's pioneering work'.




Is a very 'private' performer preferring the intimacy and freedom of the studio, to concerts. Sings completely alone onstage with the occasional taped 'Drone' (a constant note) as her only accompaniment, drawing on the 'fusion within a single vocal line' material found on the Real World trilogy of albums. Only gave her first live performances 10 years into her recording career (1992). Voice problems 18 months after this (and subsequent stage fright) meant that she went back to recording only. In 2007, returned to live performances after a gap of 14 years.

Strong Territories

Currently USA and Australia. (Consistently high placing in the Billboard World Music Chart and the CMJ chart.) Formerly Japan and Scandinavia in the 80's. Not much interest in the UK now or formerly except with singles. None at all in India.