The Zen Kiss- Credits

Produced by Steve Coe

Mixed at Real World Studios, Wiltshire, England, November 1993
Mixing engineer Stuart Bruce
Assistant mixing engineer James Cadsky
Recorded at the Coachhouse, Clifton, Bristol
Recorded by Andy Allen and Rik Dowding in the two weeks around Neptune/Uranus conjunction of October 1993
Mastered by Ian Cooper at Metropolis, London
All drones played or sung by Steve Coe and Sheila Chandra
All songs written and arranged by Steve Coe and Sheila Chandra except En Mireal del Penal by Arroyo/Benito
Art Direction by Michael Coulson Real World
Design by Tony Stiles Real World
Design consultants Assorted Images
Series identity Garry Mouat
Photography by Sheila Rock
Interview by Martha Ladly and Tatiana Spencer
All songs published by Moonsung Music except En Mireal del Penal (SGAE)

The copyright in this recording is owned by Moonsung Productions and licensed exclusively to Real World Records Ltd./Virgin Records Ltd.
©1994 Moonsung Productions/Real World Records Ltd
©1994 Real World Records Ltd

No unauthorised sampling of Sheila Chandra’s recordings