ABoneCroneDrone- Credits

Produced by Steve Coe

Mixed at Real World Studios, Wiltshire, England, January 1996
Mixing engineer Stuart Bruce
Assistant mixing engineer Jacquie Turner
Recorded at Christchurch Hall Studios, Clifton, Bristol
Recorded by Andy Allen, March/April 1995
Additional recording during December 1995 at Brave New World, Pfaffenheck, Germany
Engineer Stuart Bruce
Mastered by Ian Cooper at Metropolis, London

All drones played or sung by Sheila Chandra and Steve Coe, except guitar harmonics on ABoneCroneDrone 6 by Stuart Bruce

Wood and metal didgeridoo on ABoneCroneDrone 2 by Jim Mills

Bagpipe drones on ABoneCroneDrone 3 by Paul James

All tracks written by Sheila Chandra and Steve Coe
Published by Moonsung Music
A Real World Design Graphic design Anna-Karin Sundin, Martha Ladl
Black and white photographs Aditya Bhattacharya © 1995 Moonsung
Colour photographs Stephen Lovell-Davis

The copyright on this recording is owned by Moonsung Productions and licensed exclusively to Real World Record Ltd/Virgin Records Ltd

1996 Moonsung Productions/Real World Records Ltd

©1996 Real World Records Ltd

No unauthorised sampling of Sheila Chandra’s recordings

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